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The aim of the Law School, in partnership with the University of Liverpool in the provision of its undergraduate LL.B Degree, is to provide students with a standard of tertiary level legal education equivalent to that prevailing in the United Kingdom and at other providers of legal education across the common law world.

In doing so, the Law School aims to provide an environment for its students that encourages and enables them to achieve their full potential in the pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence.

At a postgraduate level, the law school also offers vocational legal training in the form of a fourth year Professional Practice Course which, following completion of articles of Clerkship leads to qualification as an Attorney at Law of the Cayman Islands. This course is also intended to provide legal training at a comparable level to that offered on similar vocational courses in the United Kingdom and across the common law world.

The aim of the law school is to provide students with an in depth knowledge of English and Cayman Islands law, and at the same time to develop transferable skills, advanced research capabilities, skills of analysis, logical thought, conciseness, and critical ability.

The Law School seeks to promote awareness of the legal, ethical, and moral issues relevant in the development of legal rules and in the practice of law.

The courses offered by the Law School are intended to be of benefit not only to those students who wish to enter the legal profession but also to those having a variety of other professional career aspirations.